Gun Control?

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I don’t have a firm stance, deeply help belief, or well-developed argument for a position on gun control however it does seem painfully obvious that there should be some people (trained teachers, police officers, security personnel, etc.) on the premises of every school who is capable of effectively wielding a gun if the need should arise.

I believe that to an unbiased audience the above statement would be totally common sense given the current social, cultural and legal environment.

I have a young daughter and I would feel much better about sending her to a school knowing there was an armed police officer (or multiple armed police officers) at the school and at least several teachers carrying concealed weapons and trained to use them. It just seems like common sense. I know that such shootings are rare but why not further reduce the odds of a tragedy by putting in place safety measures that could help prevent it.

I’m not by any means suggesting that we shouldn’t consider modifying our gun laws, especially the availability of assault rifles and high capacity clips, but even with modified gun laws I would still want people with guns at our schools (and malls, and movie theaters).

Or, that we don’t need to invest significant amounts of money into mental health care and mental health care facilities however again I would still want people with guns at our schools (and malls, and movie theaters).

The obvious rational approach would seem to utilize all three approaches, increased security, modified gun laws, and increased focus on mental health.

Gun control laws and guns in schools are not mutually exclusive; it is not one or the other.


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