What do you do with a degree in philosophy?

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The first time I heard this question posed was in the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and I was intrigued as I’ve always been interested in studying philosophy. In the movie Lee’s response was “Think deep thoughts about being unemployed,” which seemed like a good response.

When I was a little older, I think I was seventeen at the time, I asked the question to someone who I met who was studying philosophy at UC Berkeley and his response was “Anything you want,” which I thought was pretty brilliant. And it is a response I’ve used often since.

But in all seriousness “What do you do with a degree in philosophy?”

Well, I think I’ve figured out the answer. Be a stay at home dad :), while you teach, write, maybe finish up your PhD at some point.

Our daughter has finally gotten old enough to where my wife felt comfortable leaving her and she is in the process transitioning back into teaching full time. So I’ll be staying home with my little angel (lucky me).

Teaching as an adjunct doesn’t work very well as a full time job if you are anything other than single and don’t mind not having health insurance, however it actually is a pretty awesome part-time job. It pays very well for part-time and is a lot of fun.


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