Right Wing Absurdities

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I am continually amazed by the lack of consistency in right wing religious/political thought. All people are inconsistent to some extent regarding their ethical beliefs but right wing politics is truly astounding

I’m actually not going to say much except to say that I’m baffled how someone could post the above while also posting this


as one of my facebook friends did. If you read this please don’t take it personally and I’d be happy to talk about it. (I did a post on this picture here.)

I’m not sure what two sets of beliefs are more cognitively dissident a) being angry at black violence and against taxation and social programs or b) being against abortion and being against taxation and welfare programs.

Probably a) because there is such a history of white violence and oppression that continues to this day but b) is pretty bad too.

The other really weird thing about right wing religious/political thought is not only that it is not internally consistent in really obvious ways but it is not even consistent with the teachings of Jesus!


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2 thoughts on “Right Wing Absurdities

  1. Regarding your last point Chris Hedges calls Prosperity Theology Christians Heretics maybe that isn’t too far off the mark.

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