Taxes: Humane or Inhumane?

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Here is the link to an article title “Taxes: Mans Inhumanity to Man”

This is obviously a certain perspective but I find it funny that I think taxes are an expression of mans humanity. Taxes pay for social welfare programs like medicare, medicaid, foodstamps (snap), universal education, police and fire departments, etc. that are the essence of mans humanity.

Politics tends to bring out the worst in people, as the author illustrates, but I don’t see what this has to do with the humanity of taxes. 

The author also extolls the virtues of markets over government but somethings are either too important or inefficient to be left to free markets (see above list).

Both “arguments” don’t really address the central questions involved.

We need to reframe taxes as a sacred moral duty that we as a society are eager to fulfill rather than violent theft.

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