Paxman vs. Brand; Brand and New Statesman

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I loved how when Paxman pushed brand to be specific, implying that what Brand was suggesting was merely utopian, Brand was able to be pretty specific.

And it is really pretty simple: raise taxes to the point where we wipe out drastic inequality and severely tax regulate industries that have important effects on the environment, like energy companies.

This interview was on the heels of Brand’s editorial in the New Statesman. Here’s a link to that article. It is definitely worth the read. As always Brand is entertaining while being enlightening. He goes into a bit more depth on some of his views.

I’d like to revisit the issue of voting in elections as Brand raises it in both places. I had previously written a little on that when Chris Hedges made a similar claim. I think it is worth revisiting that issue and thinking about it some more.

Until I get to that here is my article in response to Hedge’s argument.

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