86% of Conservatives Say Poor have it Easy

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Yesterday’s post was a bit of rant but I’m feeling a bit more justified after coming across this today. (See here for the original report by pew reasearch center.)

I suppose the highlight, or lowlight I supposed is more appropriate, of the graph above is that 86% of conservatives think the poor have it easy. What the hell could lead one to think that. Clearly some combination of not actually interacting with poor people and watching too much fox news.

Surprisingly 6% of “solid liberals” also say the poor have it easy. Weirdly 32% of “next generation left” think poor have it easy. 21% of “hard pressed skeptics” think the poor have it easy, which is probably due to the number of libertarians that would define themselves as skeptic. I’m not sure who the “faith and family left” are but 29% think the poor have it easy. Maybe they spend too much time with conservative religious people, or they are the more moderate left leaning conservatives in churches?

To make sense of results like this that you have to look for alternative psychological explanations for the data because it is so disconnected from the facts of reality.

Christopher Ingraham lists a few way in which the poor have it easy:

For context, following is a brief but incomplete list of the ways life is “easy” when you’re poor:

*Compared to middle and upper-income Americans, the poor are three times less likely to have health insurance coverage and more likely to put off or skip necessary medical treatment as a result;

*They are three times more likely to be victimised by crime;

*The daily stresses of living under poverty impose a cognitive burden equivalent to losing 13 IQ points;

*Poor children are three times more likely to be affected by food scarcity and obesity;

*Poor children receive a lower quality education in public schools and the ones who make it to college are more likely to drop out;

*Poorer Americans breathe dirtier air, they sleep less, and they even have less sex;

*And in the end all this “easy living” literally shaves decades off their lives.

The notion that poor people have it easy is at odds with the data.

The information is drawn from the Pew Research Centre’s survey of American politics which “sorts voters into cohesive groups based on their attitudes and values”.

The second part of the survey deals more directly with yesterday’s topic.

61% of conservatives vs. 9% of liberals think that generally it is a lack of effort on a poor persons part that they are poor.

So there you have it, conservatives think poor have it easy and are lazy. And obviously their lazy because government benefits are too generous, so all we need to do to get those lazy bastards working harder is reduce benefits. Ergo, cutting benefits is the best thing we could do for poor people!

As Rand paul says, poor people just need a little tough love.


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