Comments on the Sam Harris Noam Chomsky “Debate”

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In this video I offer a take on one aspect of the email exchange between Sam Harris in Noam Chomsky suggesting that Harris’ focus on the intentions of the terrorist is myopic in that he ignores the causal chain of effects that led to the formation of the intentions.

Here’s the exchange between Harris and Chomsky.

One thought on “Comments on the Sam Harris Noam Chomsky “Debate”

  1. Great comments.

    I am a believing and practicing Muslim.

    I and the vast, vast majority of Muslims are 100% against terrorists like Al Qaeda or ISIS.

    Regarding Hamas, I am against their tactics in the past of suicide bombing, etc.

    I am for peaceful states for the two peoples of Israelis and the Natives to that land, the Palestinians.

    But as you say, yes, it is completely understandable that they would hate Israel because all Palestinians have suffered enormously for many decades by Israelis.

    People miss that the majority of the people of Gaza live in that tiny outdoor concentration camp because in the 1948 and 1967 wars!!!, Israel ethnically cleansed the natives (Palestinians) out of their homes….these Palestinians lost all their wealth and generations have lived in the concentration camp while we keep saying wait, wait, for our peace process while we keep shielding Israel immorally at the UN Security Council.

    Harris is a very evil person. He is unjust. He does not care to submit to the Creator of the universe. And he wants to justify imperialism and colonialism tactics. I like to think good of people and I don’t think anyone is 100% evil like Harris.

    But Harris has been refuted many times in person by people like Robert Wright in that debate and so on….but Harris continues to make excuses for massive war crimes.

    He has lost all credibility.

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