Why the World Needs Bernie Sanders

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The United States needs Bernie Sanders. We need him to fix our broken political system in which billionaires spend more money on the presidential election than both of the major parties. We need him to fix our broken financial system in which financial institutions make obscene amounts of money off of financial activities that threaten the entire economy. We need him to fix our broken tax system in which corporations and the richest 1% pay less than they have ever paid. We need him to our healthcare system in which the government pays more money per capita than any other government yet many are still uninsured because private insurance companies are making killing the way the current system is set up. We need him to fix our broken criminal justice  system in which private corporations profit off the incarceration of human beings and which incarcerates more people than any nation on Earth. We need to fix our broken employment system in which corporate profits are at an all-time high yet many who work full time can’t even support their families on the minimum wage they are being paid. We need him to fix our broken education system that is underfunded at every level and leaves students with crushing student loan burdens by the time they graduate college.

But more important than all of that is the fact that the world needs Bernie Sanders.

There are two crises that the world is facing that can only begin to be met if Bernie Sanders is elected president of the United States.

The first is the so-called “global war on terror.” The situation in the Middle-East and Africa has only gotten worse in the last decade. And if we do not reverse course it will only continue to get worse and worse. More and more refugees will continue to pour into Europe, there will be more and more terrorist attacks, and most importantly much of the world’s population will continue to live in what are unlivable conditions in much of the world. The first thing we need to do is reverse course on our disastrous policy of regime change, war, and drone strikes. The United States needs to stop killing Muslims. The second thing we need to to, as quickly as possible, is resolve the Israel-Palestine situation. The Palestinians need their own state, and once they have it the healing process in the Middle-East can begin.

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who will do those things. Hillary Clinton will not do them. She takes every opportunity she can to talk about how glorious Israel is, and her eagerness for military intervention is well documented. Although of course she is much less likely to exacerbate the situation than any of the republican candidates she is nowhere near embracing the radical changes necessary to begin to bring peace to the Middle-East.

The second reason the world needs Bernie Sanders is because of climate change. The climate is changing and it might already be too late to prevent catastrophic changes to our planet’s ecosystems. But if there is any hope we need to move faster than as fast as possible. Climate change is upon us and there is no time to lose. We are all in this together and this planet is the only one we’ve got.

Bernie Sanders has already proposed banning all drilling on federal land and he is the only candidate who is actually interested in doing anything significant on this issue. Bernie Sanders has repeated stated the obvious fact that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity at this point in history. Up until a few months ago Hillary Clinton supported the Keystone Excell pipeline. Hillary by nature is a moderate and not interested in radical change. Now is not the time for moderation on climate change. We are about thirty years too late for that. A republican president would ensure that absolutely nothing will get accomplished on this front.

At this moment in history we face the enormous challenges of climate change and political instability the likes of which the world has never seen. These are issues that affect the lives of nearly every single person on this planet in one way or another and will determine the fate of humanity for centuries to come.

The republican presidential candidates would only make both of those problems worse and Hillary Clinton while a liberal, is a very conservative liberal. But if we want to conserve life as we know it on this planet now is the time for progressive thought and progressive action.

Bernie Sanders is the only true progressive in the 2016 presidential race, and the world needs Bernie Sanders.

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