Israel and The Right to Self Defense

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The main argument being used in Israel’s defense is that “Israel has a right to defend itself,.” President Obama has said it. Hillary Clinton is saying it.  Isreal claims it has such a right. There have been a number of response’s to this claim including an excellent one by John Dugard,  emeritus professor of international law at […]

Basic Income vs. Negative Income Tax: Why supporters of basic income should be in favor of a negative income t

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I am a supporter and advocate of a universal basic income, but in considering the numbers I come to believe that a universal basic income is not a realistic policy goal at the current time in the United States. While I believe that eventually we need a universal income guaranteed and also that we eventually […]

Why I Do Criticize Israel: A Response to Sam Harris

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I’ve been wanting to write something about what is happening in Gaza and Sam Harris’ article Why I Don’t Criticize Israel is good opportunity to do so. I think it is pretty important that intellectuals who act as Israel apologists be responded to and frankly shamed. There is a lot of a drivel in the […]