Is Vegan Activism Immoral?

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I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and mostly vegan for a number of years. I eat cheese on occasion when I’m eating out but other than that I’m vegan. I’m very interested in social justice issues and various kinds of activism but I’ve never been attracted or interested in vegan activism. I love sharing […]

Joe the Plumber “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights”

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Joe is right, but Joe is also very very wrong. Joe is right that individual rights are inviolable. Just because there has been a mass killing it doesn’t mean that we can ignore individual rights. As Robert Nozick and more importantly Immanuel Kant have said individual rights are inviolable and we cannot make exceptions in […]

R.M. Hare’s “Could Kant Have Been a Utilitarian?”

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HereĀ is the article/chapter from Hare’s book Sorting Out Ethics. I think the book/article makes some really important points and that Hare is absolutely correct that the Kantian ethics and utilitarianism are taught is quite confused. Despite that I think Hare misses the mark, somewhat badly, in framing the question in the way he does. Kant […]