Is Basic Income Communism?

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Is basic income communism? The short answer is “no.” Communism, by definition, is a system of common ownership, hence the name “communism,” but in basic income there is no system of common ownership assumed. The problem with communism is that common ownership, meaning “everything is owned by the state,” just doesn’t work. But instituting a […]

11 Arguments for a Universal Basic Income

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Many people believe that a universal basic income is the best solution aimed to combat and ultimately end the scourge of poverty. I certainly do but I think there is a dearth of actual arguments for the proposal. And by actual I mean logically valid arguments with numbered premises. Maybe analytic philosophers are the only […]

Racism, Sexism, and Speciesism

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Q. Is there a difference between racism and sexism and speciesism. One school of thought would suggest that there is no difference between them. Peter Singer famously argues that in his paper “Unsanctifying Human Life.” The claim is not that there is no difference between them, literally, like they are just as bad, but that […]