Israel and The Right to Self Defense

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The main argument being used in Israel’s defense is that “Israel has a right to defend itself,.” President Obama has said it. Hillary Clinton is saying it.  Isreal claims it has such a right. There have been a number of response’s to this claim including an excellent one by John Dugard,  emeritus professor of international law at […]

Basic Income and The Role of the Market in Society

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We currently live in a world where we are born into a social structure that is governed almost entirely by market forces. As children our lives are profoundly shaped by our parents place in the market, that is our parents value to the market place and what that value can provide for us. And as adults […]

Why Do Libertarians Vote Conservative?

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The United States political field is composed of two main political parties, liberal and conservative, and one additional party that doesn’t quite fit into the liberal conservative spectrum, libertarians. Libertarianism, from a psychological perspective, is a unique personality different from both liberal and conservative. Interestingly the traditional libertarian view aligns with conservatives on economic issues like taxes, […]